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Hello candle lovers...

I am Rosemary, founder of "Aliza Handcrafted Candles".

"Aliza" is my middle name which originates from Northern Ghana, in simple terms means "Memories".

Come on this candle journey and let's create wonderful memories together.


Aliza Handcrafted was discovered through my passion for Art & Scented Candles. That passion eventually gave way to creating my own line, which focused on producing clean burning candles, with no additives, as well as my 3D candles.

The 3D Candle line is created to add a flair to any home décor or any event space. Such a bold statement piece in any space.


As any candle maker will tell you, candle making is not an easy task, it takes a lot of testing, curating, and research in order for you to feel comfortable to share your work. 

 However, I am now confident enough to give you exactly what you deserve. My goal is to help in creating wonderful memories, whether at home or any event space. To provide a high-quality, clean, and reliable online candle store. That is why all products are carefully handmade & hand-poured by me.

I am striving to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible, so come on, light a candle and relax with me.

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